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[ Lineup ] Ranked battle / normal lineup


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hello readers, can i just have some help with how to make lineups?

im not gonna include my ninja, because i just want to know the fundamentals, like how strong teams work and the ai with ranked battle

Also, does anyone have a good team for ninja like shisui, minato jonin, ino summer, kushina, anything cool/fun to play?

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On auto intrupption ninjas will always skill and their priority is to stop the barrier ninas or any other intrupption skills they attack them and let's say you have ninjas who attack in round 2 let's say you're using kushina pos1, shisui pos2 so shisui will use his skill 1st since he got chaos and attacks more people and more chakra cosuption the priority to skill is If they can interrupt then 2nd piority ishow much chakra they have more chakra=attack 1st if both units have same chakra i think then it comes to how many units they attack or how many combo they can cause (not really sure about it tho)

What you need for a good ranked lineup:

so you want your pos1 ninja who can Interrupt multiple units for ex i use ninjas like edo minato, sosp and shizuka shizuka is best choice if you don't have ninjas like edo minato or sosp since she can interrupt 7 units they'll have less then 30 chakra and next one depends on your speed if you are faster then most of people in your server go all offensive then most of player will say you need a lineup to tank etc etc that's really isn't that effective i use full offensive team and it works better then having more defence or control you don't really need control in ranked since it's not certain who they'll go for sometimes they go for same ninja and ignore others so that's kinda rip just put the damage dealers and dont' put manual barrier ninjas like gaara etc etc (idk name of many) since they're likely to get Interrupt

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