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[ Events ] Summer Break Outfit


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Any idea if we can still make suggestions for events and event rewards like we used to. I don't know how much player input was taken into account before, but still. I really want the Summer Break outfit to show up in events again. I'm surprised it isn't in the Summer Outfits pack, but outfits that aren't even related to summer like the Speed of Light outfit are in it. I've been so close to getting the Summer Break outfit for almost a year, but it hasn't been in any events. If it can be made accessible again, I'd be very happy.

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I also want the Summer Break outfit to reappear in events.

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I would like to inform you that it will be much better if you will make a Suggestion Thread in the proper section. Please visit our Bugs and Support Section and make a thread about your requests and/or suggestions with the category of Suggestion. Our staff in that section can handle these kinds of inquiries better since it is part of their job. You may also forward your Event Inputs by participating in Event Feedback Threads that are usually posted or updated weekly in the News Section or if your server has a Game Liaison, you may talk to him/her and give your suggestions and inputs for events. Thank you.

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i have the same problem but with the hana style clothing, got almost all 50 frags but then it disappeared from events. I've asked for it in feedback surveys for months and nothing's happened...

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Maybe it will appear during Summer? Who knows.

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I stay on this outfit at 31 frags for 7 months now,totally disappear from events.

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