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[ Player Guide ] How many reflects are "all"?


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So we were wondering... this may say "all", but that seems like a loophole for crashes or infinite loops. Therefore we tested a bit.

No, "all" does not mean literally all, it is in fact a capped number:

All of the ninjas except the mains (which are dead) have this "reflect all" passive, so if it were actually infinite it should be a loop. But as can be seen after a bit of time the popups stop and the debuff gets applied to a ninja.

The next question then is: How many reflects are actually defined as all?

And here is the answer: It seems to be 7.

There is some more testing to do if I find the time and am bored enough to do it as we found some inconsistencies when it involved immobile/chaos as well, which were still reflected even way more than 7 hits into a combo.

Hope anyone finds these small nuggets of info interesting, they were mainly created because of boredom.

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infinite reflect should be 11 times

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