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Frustrations About Events


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So, before I start, this thread is not to incite drama, or be seen as an attack on Oasis. It is also not necessarily feedback either. I just want to vent on what I been seeing in events for awhile now. I also do not expect or desire Oasis to change anything about the events to cater to just me as that wouldn't be fair for everyone else.

For the past 4 months or so, I have for the most part, stopped doing in-game events entirely. Simply because there isn't really anything that stands out that I want to either grab or participate in. I remember maybe 2 Mission Mobilizations ago, I wanted to get into that event again, but then I saw something very off putting. It was 10 Purification Protection Runes. I for the most part, have been done with my purification for around 2 - 3 years (I mean, yeah I know I can improve them further, but they're good enough and get the job done). Then you have those Myoboku Optional Packs, that I honestly never redeem, not because I don't need them, only because I require way too many to level up 1. So, I'd typically redeem charm packs or refine runes, as well as the ninja assist optional pack. Then add into the fact, that every ninja that has been in that event, I don't have the desire to grab. Simply because, it is either too expensive (in my opinion) and isn't that good to warrant the price, or I already have that ninja and it'd take me way too long to 4* it or I already have it 4*. Which stars only matter in events that are not scaled in power.

These days I only spend my coupons on Lucky Star, not because of the fact I can get 80 frag ninja or 100 frags of a ninja, but because of the Powerful Item Pack III for the adv skill vials and protections. Basically, nothing is peaking my interest.

I had stopped doing GNW, for a couple of reasons. First reason, the group points are useless to me, I mean yeah I could get epic refines, but I am not going to out of principal because I still need adv refines. The Group Shop is really only good for new players. I mean yeah the Stamina potion is "nice", but for that stamina potion to matter, you need around 5000+ of them to matter for Time Limited Shop.

The second reason, the rewards from GNW the pack and even from X-GNW, isn't really a good reward, cause you may not even see one for months, depending on how your group lead passes them out. If everyone got them, I'd MIGHT do GNW again, but then again, I don't really need seal scrolls as of right now.

I don't even do any PvP outside of normal arena, and I can't be bothered to do ranked arena. Because fights are typically so 1 sided it isn't fun to me. Its either you get someone 300k more than you, or you get someone 300k less than you. Then I came to the conclusion of, why even bother with these PvP Events if all I'm going to do is either feed whales, or beat noobs? I opted out to feed whales, so no one can say I'm helping them get better.

I used to also love Great Plates, until Oasis had removed the Seal Scrolls for the * Epic Refines, so now I don't even do that event, like why would I? I seen the event get less drop rates on the ninja frags each week I swear. Sure, you could say "Oh its just RNG", but it really isn't. Last week, I got 0 Kushina frags (not that I was farming her). Yet, the game kept giving me Epic Refines that I end up "selling" to get it off my account.

It's a combination of all of this that really *s, I want to do the events, but the rewards for them to me, aren't rewarding anymore. The only reason I haven't flat out quit yet, is because my girlfriend likes the game and I just dread logging in.

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