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[ Suggestions ] Suggestion for a New Ninja [Sakura Byakugou].


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Hello everyone.

Today I come to bring something different.

Instead of and idea for a new ST I come with an Idea for a new ninja.

Hope you enjoy it ^.^.

Sakura Byakugou

Mystery Skill: [Prompt]:– Ninja Art – Mitotic Regeneration - Sakura will recover 10% of her Maximum Health for every 10 chakra points her team has. Moreover, during this round, Sakura can launch 4 Standart Attacks and her Critical Rate is increased by 15%.

Standart Attack: Adamantine Fist – Attack the opponent’s unit in the front row, Suppress Super Armor and has a high chance of causing High Float. (Cause half of damage dealt to surrounding units).

Chase: Rising Kick – Chases and Attack a High Floated unit and causes Knockdown. (This skill partially ignores a certain amount of Defense and Resistance.)

Passive1: Summoning Jutsu – Katsuyu – Before each action in a round, summon 1 slug at 40% of base health, when these Slugs attack they will heal the unit with the lowest health and remove all Debuffs.

Passive2: Strength of a Hundred Seal – Sakura is Immune to all Debuffs. Moreover, for each chakra point above 50, it increases Sakura’s Attack and Resistance by 1%.

I would love to read your opinion on these skills.

I'll be back soon with more Ideas,

bye bye.

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I can pass these ideas on to the development team, but please keep in mind that this forum is for suggestions to the staff and not for player critique. If you'd like to open up a long thread for player comments, please try the General Discussion or Strategy forums.

Thank you!

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  • sehalee On 2020-05-22 01:47:14
  • you mean like Tsunade reverse seal????

I thought it would be nice for Sakura to be more back to harm instead of just being a supporting ninja.

So I thought about using some Tsunade Reverse Seal skills along with offensive ninja skills.

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you mean like Tsunade reverse seal????

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