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[ Suggestions ] Suggestion for a New Ninja [Sakura Byakugou].


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Hello everyone.

Today I come to bring something different.

Instead of and idea for a new ST I come with an Idea for a new ninja.

Hope you enjoy it ^.^.

Sakura Byakugou

Mystery Skill: [Prompt]:– Ninja Art – Mitotic Regeneration - Sakura will recover 10% of her Maximum Health for every 10 chakra points her team has. Moreover, during this round, Sakura can launch 4 Standart Attacks and her Critical Rate is increased by 15%.

Standart Attack: Adamantine Fist – Attack the opponent’s unit in the front row, Suppress Super Armor and has a high chance of causing High Float. (Cause half of damage dealt to surrounding units).

Chase: Rising Kick – Chases and Attack a High Floated unit and causes Knockdown. (This skill partially ignores a certain amount of Defense and Resistance.)

Passive1: Summoning Jutsu – Katsuyu – Before each action in a round, summon 1 slug at 40% of base health, when these Slugs attack they will heal the unit with the lowest health and remove all Debuffs.

Passive2: Strength of a Hundred Seal – Sakura is Immune to all Debuffs. Moreover, for each chakra point above 50, it increases Sakura’s Attack and Resistance by 1%.

I would love to read your opinion on these skills.

I'll be back soon with more Ideas,

bye bye.

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  • sehalee On 2020-05-22 01:47:14
  • you mean like Tsunade reverse seal????

I thought it would be nice for Sakura to be more back to harm instead of just being a supporting ninja.

So I thought about using some Tsunade Reverse Seal skills along with offensive ninja skills.

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