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I’m loving the maintenance for our server we were supposed to get cross server events that never happened very unfortunate how long do we have to wait for cross server events the last server that got it was the one before 1486 we are next we thought we would get it last week and then we thought we would get it today and now we think we are getting it tomorrow so can we have a set date one of the mods said we are due for cross server events literally 2 days ago all you guys have to do is do a small update to make the players happy why should we suffer when you guys don’t do your jobs ? I hate to put it like that but it’s becoming a reality B66147CB-70BA-4F45-AA70-F9FEA68B6B6B

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As stated in your previous posts regarding this issue, it takes times for the devs to convert a server to cross server events. This issue has been forwarded to them and they are working on it. No exact time frame was given. I'm sorry that you were expressly expecting cross server events when no exact time frame was given.
Thank you for your continued patience!

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