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[ Suggestions ] Suggestion for Itachi Susano'o ST


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Hello Everyone, I would like to present you another idea that I had for a new ST.

Hope you enjoy it. ^.^

Itachi Susano’o Skill Trial

Mistery Skill: [Prompt]: Tsukuyomi – Cause Ninjutsu damage to the selected unit while suppress immunity to debuffs and cause Torment. (Ninjas under Torment Status will not be able to perform any action for 2 rounds. Moreover, at the end of each round, the unit under torment will take damage based on 10% of Itachi’s max Ninjutsu.)

Standart Attack: Susano’o - Totsuka Blade – Attacks all the opponent’s units in the front column and has high chance of causing Repulse. If killed by this skill, the unit will not resurrect. (+10% damage)

Chase Skill1: Yasaka Magatama – Chases and Attack a Repulsed unit, causes Low Float and decreases the enemy’s Critical by 10% (stackable).

Chase Skill2: Amaterasu – Chases and attack High Floated units, causes Low Float, Ignition that cannot be cleansed or be immune to.

Passive: Susano’o – Yata Mirror – Immune to Low Float, High Float, Repulse and Knockdown and Itachi reflect any Debuff towards him.

I will make other post soon with more ideas, until then I would like to read your opinions about this one.

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I can pass these ideas on to the development team, but please keep in mind that this forum is for suggestions to the staff and not for player critique. If you'd like to open up a long thread for player comments, please try the General Discussion or Strategy forums.
Thank you!

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