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[ Suggestions ] Suggestion for Madara Uchiha [ Edo Tensei Realease] ST


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Greetings to all members of the forum.

I bring in this post an idea for Madara Uchiha [Edo Tensei Release].

Check this out.

Madara Uchiha [Edo Tensei Release] Skill Trial:

Mystery Skill: [Prompt]: Fire Style - Majestic Destroyer Flame – Causes Fire attribute damage and Ignition to the opponent’s entire team. The selected unit will suffer from Low Float. (After this active the first passive.)

Standart Attack: Susano’o – Slash – Attacks the first line of units from opponent’s Lineup, causes 30% less damage but removes Super Armor until the end of the round. This attack has a chance of causing Knockdown.

Chase: Wood Style – Wood Dragon Technique – Chase Knockdown, causes Low Float, Immobile and absorbs 100 Chakra and decreases this units Mystery’s cool down by 1 round.

Passive1: Advent of a World of Flowering Trees – Summons a barrier which Suppress Immunity to Debuffs and causes Slowdown to the opponent’s team. Barrier lasts 1 round.

Passive2 Uchihagaeshi – Madara has 40% chance to launch a counter against the attacking enemy based on 15% of Madara’s remaining Life. Furthermore, all debuffs targeted to Madara will be reflected to the enemy team.

TY for your attention, I hope you enjoyed.

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Amazing! :o

I personally already think Madara [Edo Tensei] is very strong, but these new skills would make him even better.

Congratulations on your work buddy, very interesting.

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He doesn't need trials. Much like Naruto 6 path.

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  • Spicymeme On 2020-05-21 07:00:55
  • He doesn't need trials. Much like Naruto 6 path.

Frankly, I also don't think that Naruto SOSP needs ST, he's already quite annoying the way he is lol. He just needs a few ninjas to support him.

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I can pass these ideas on to the development team, but please keep in mind that this forum is for suggestions to the staff and not for player critique. If you'd like to open up a long thread for player comments, please try the General Discussion or Strategy forums.

Thank you!

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