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[ Suggestions ] Trading(again)


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Let's touch again the sensitive subject of trading. I know, is hard to approach this subject but i want to give it a try.

When is coming to trade in this game the biggest issue we encounter is the second account abuse. But that thing should be easily prevented by introduction of some rules:

in order to trade players must to reach a certain level(let's say level 100);

players who want to trade need to be in the same group;

selling of power items should not be allowed only ninja fragments;

and minimum 50k battle power.


Buying should be allowed for all players that meet the above requirements. Selling on the other hand should be allowed only for players that again meet some requirement:

a certain number of convoys made in a period of time(i will explain what i want to say with this);

possession of a merchant license that can be obtained doing convoys or bought in the game shop with either coupons or ingots(but not a crazy sum, let's say 1000 coupons or ingots);

and the most important thing one player should not sell fragments with a higher value than the two times the sum spend on the merchant license (1000 coupons spend on license not more that 2000 coupons made in shop). That is why the chance of getting a license doing convoys should be a low one.

Shoping period

Of course the sale must be tied to another event. In my opinion the Season System is the best choice. And it should take place in the last week of the season. And everyone who wants to sell must obtain their license in the first two months of the season, and those convoys that i was talking about should be made in those two months to.

That is my idea and i strongly believe that this thing is want this game really need in order to make a huge improvement.

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Thank you for this suggestion; I will pass it along to the devs! Thank you and have a nice day!

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"But that thing should be easily prevented by introduction of some rules"

Not really, even with all that rule, people still could abused it. Some people could make a lvl 100 account easily, it just takes some times, but after they reached the lvl, they could abuse it eternally. And even if they didnt make a lvl 100 account, they could get some account from the player that quit the game, and another abuse will happen.

Example of abusing trading : some second accounts somehow could get a rare fragments from event, for example getting a rare ninja in lucky star event, and then they could sell the fragments for just a mere 1 coupons each fragments to their main account. Or make main account sell a normal fragments, let just say normal naruto fragment, for 1000 coupons (since according to your rule, its possible to sell 1 fragment for 1000 coupons), and make their alts to buy it.

Please to any mod that read the suggestions about trading, please never accept it, it would ruin the game eternally. There is no rule that could prevent it.

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