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this is speaking directly to the people of oasis can you please add more pvp event around 10-11am mainly because i chose the wrong server in the wrong region so all of the good event like gnw and swb are like 2am and theres no good event that are in the morning anyways all i can do really is team instance and convoy plunder and theres nothing else i can really do in the game, there really nothing motivating me to play if i cant really test out anything so please if u can add more event in the morning :p

edit: iv tried all the other regions and none of them have the right time and are not even close to my time aswell.

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If you want to give a suggestion for the game, it will be much better if you will do it in the right section, which is the Bugs and Support Section here in forums. Our staff who works in that section are more capable of giving your suggestions to our higher-ups since it is part of their duty. Hope you understand it and thank you.

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Thank you for recommending, it is nice to know more details about the information you share. minecraft classic

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i keep on seeing you quiet a while now in this forum and most of your threads are very demanding. it's just so annoying (that's just me). First off, If you want to make a suggestion, send it via ticket. If you do it here in the forum, they might see it but I think they will just read it. Some of the GL already told you that on your previous threads but you still doing it in this forum.

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