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SOSixP Naruto BT Prediction


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Here it is!:

Mystery +1: Suppresses Super Armor up to 9 units also (During Explosive Mode, Naruto will gain a 50% increase of Defense and Resistance and Crit Rate will be increased by 15%

Mystery +2: Causes Fire, Lighting, Wind, Earth and Water dmg( same explosive mode)

Mystery Y: Causes unmissable dmg up to all enemy units causing interruption and suppression

of super armor. Enemy will suffer knockdown and have same E Mode status

Next up: 5 Kage Madara

Chakra: 60/Cooldown 3 Rounds

Mystery Y+1: if 100 then no chakra usage and cooldown

Standard +1: Causes 40% increased dmg

Standard +2: to opponents whole lineup

Chase +1: Absorbs 100 chakra and gains 40% shield based on resistance

Chase +2: Ignores a certain of def and res and immobile can not be removed

Chase Y: Increases target cooldown by 1 round

Chase Y+1: Can be used twice each round

Passive 1 +1: 30% chance of dodging mysteries

Passive 1 +2: 60 chance of dodging mysteries

Passive 1 Y: High chance of evading chases

Passive 1 Y+1: All of this unit’s skills are unmissable

Passive 2 +1: At the start of each round, Naruto will recover 20 chakra. For every 20 chakra recovered, his ninjutsu and taijutsu will increase by 15% ( this will still go on even if your team has a low amount of chakra)

Passive 2+2: Will now recover 40 chakra points and will have a 25% increase to nin and Tai for each chakra points recovered

Passive 2 Y: Every Senjutsu and Allied Shinobi unit in your team will become immune to all debuffs

Passive 2 Y+1: every time naruto gets attacked with a ninjutsu and a taijutsu skill the enemy will suffer Ignition

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If this happens he will be so broken, its not called NAUTO online for no reason

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dream on lmao

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  • IdolS1416 On 2020-05-18 18:58:54
  • dream on lmao

Exactly . Is crazy

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if his breaks come out it be a game over for everyone lol beside some are at 5 and 4 star frags for him expecting his breaks will come out

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