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[ Help ] The guy who lost 2000 coupons


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There was a posting Thursday when someone reported that he lost 2000 coupons trying to buy if i recall correctly treasure keys to buy some Kushina frags. I am just curious if the matter have been resolved because i've searched the posting and it was deleted and from what i know when a problem is resolved that thread is closed not deleted.

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Issues or problems like are most likely being talked about by the player and customer service staff through the TIcketing System of our Customer Service. Any information about the process and status of their report are strictly private between them only. As for threads here in forums, I'm not sure how Bugs and Support Section works but if the topic of the thread has a violation of rules of forums, have a toxic topic or the topic is not appropriate or not in the right section, it is most likely going to be deleted.

As for your inquiry, most likely, you will not get any information about that issue especially if you are not the one who got affected or the one who submitted the report. The best thing you can do is to ask if the said event is bugged or not (which is not, I believe), that question is answerable by us. Hope you understand it and thank you.

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