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Hey guys,

I have been saving all my refines from the moment I started playing again (almost a month ago, so not that long xD) and would like to use 800 refines for the reward during the Refine Rebate. During the Refine Rebate, every time we progress levels, we get wish credits to help us get to a new level faster and cheaper (which is great). However, this makes the calculations for 800 refines a bit complicated as I cannot accurately predict the amount of basic and medium refines I will need. For example, in the absolute worst case scenario (wish credits included), I will need 900 basic refines to increase all my characters to lvl 4 refines (when I will need to use medium refines). But depending on luck, I might use much less than that value. My question is, in your experience, how much basic and medium refines did you use on average to upgrade your refine levels?

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