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[ Bugs ] Game breaking DC/Errors/Crashes


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My game crashes when I try to either open my Alt account (while I am logged in with my main) or when I try to open Firefox and listen to music or open Konoha Proxy to help me with combos.

I play on Miniclient, and even if I have just one account open, it can crash both the game and Firefox if I have both of them open.

It gives me these type of errors: "Exception Breakpoint Error", "A breakpoint has been reached", "WerFault.exe - Application Error, The application was unable to start correctly" or "The exception unknown software exception occured". Sometimes when I am on Firefox it crashes just the page I'm on.

And I don't know what to do about this, it happens only when I have Naruto Online open on Miniclient.

Edit: Sometimes I get a white screen, sometimes my whole monitor turns black and I have to shut the PC down.

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Hello, please try to clear your cache, and flush DNS. If you are still experiencing issues, please try resetting your internet. If this does not fix it, please let us know.

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Break point errors normally associate with a problem with windows. If you could take a screenshot with the exact error code that would be helpful. I think better to contact CS with that screenshot.

But I am pretty sure updating your video card diver will fix the problem. You could also try updating windows,your video card driver and running a disk check(bit advanced to do ) and a memory check(bit advanced to do ).

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