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I want to join a group but cant? also cant type in group chat


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1# Go To On my screen there is no group to join but if i go into the leader board there are multiple groups, pls help.

(edit) Resolved, had to join through the leader board, but idk why it was bugged anyone can tell me?

(edit) now I cant type in group chat :/, could this be the server's issue? no clue

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Hello, refreshing typically clears the issue that you are facing. Please do so, and if you are still experiencing issues, please let us know! And for future reference, please refrain from including screenshots through links. Please try to place the screenshots in the post itself.

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i have encountered a similar bug in my new account HK S1533 where i cant see the group as advised i refreshed 3 times but alright i will wait for fix

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Olalala, please clear your cache and flush your DNS, then try refreshing again. Please let us know if you have further issues. Thank you!

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