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[ PVP ] Sorry guys if I have gotten upset playing this game against you.


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Sometimes I have gotten upset with this game playing against others in either 3v3 or regular power based pvp. I can truly get aggravated at mechanics I wish were different. And instead of this game being a source of fun and entertainment, I can sometimes let it become a source of stress and vent. So I apologize if I’ve seemed mean to anyone I’ve played against! Have a good weekend everyone!

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I know where you're coming from. Tbh, if not for sun scrolls, I would stop playing Matsuri and Sage. Former has broken and exploitable matchmaking while cross server Sage is overrun by whales (both issuses could be fixed if Power instead of Level was deciding factor for matching, but I doubt it will ever happen), and only really working tactic is to maximalize damage and forget about anything else, cause control statuses like Immobile, Sleep and Chaos are unreliable.

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