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[ Help ] No morning support or?


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Hey, so that's 7h and counting people have been encountering bugs with refines and recruitment rebate.
Are there no mods to give the report to whoever is capable of looking into it? What if the bugs were more severe?
To my understanding that's 7h+ hours to wait for your problem to be known and then who knows how much time for it to be solved, why's that?
Not even a single message to those threads telling the users what to do or what to expect, how is that normal?

If there are no mods in the morning then how to apply for modding?
If there's also nobody able to fix bugs until certan hour of the day I'd also like to know, just to don't bother trying to solve them before then.

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A whole day, woah. Okay.

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First of all, if you encounter Bugs or have an issue, it is much better if you will report it at Customer Support via Ticketing System to get your problem solved as fast as possible. Next, Customer Service is known to be closed during weekends and today is Saturday, though Staffs will still be there to answer tickets but expect fix to come on Monday, also their response time allowance is also within 24 hours. Aside from that, our Higher-ups are also currently on Day-off since May 1st and they'll be unavailable until May 5th.

Another thing about the bug this week (referring to Recruitment Feedback reset), our team is already aware of it since the time it happened, the case is not isolated to few people but for the entire game and most of our staffs reported it already to our Higher-ups already the moment it got reset, there's is nothing to worry about it even the threads here in forums were left unanswered until now though I do understand that you guys want an answer to be enlightened on the situation but please do understand also that the staff in Bugs and Support Section is only 1 and it happens to be that he is a Human Being who also have a life to live.

About your question about applying for Moderator Position, it is not open for the public.

Hope this answer all of your question. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you.

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