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Hey, good night for everyone.

Today, I was supossed to get my Naruto [Sage of the Six Path], to complete the mission in the spring event, so I had 1,2k coupons in my account to spend at Fateful Choice and got this ninja, so I opened the event page, click to buy, and he sent me to the shop, as normal, so I was expecting to find the orbs. I just saw the price, 10 coupons for each one, and bought around 1k in this "orbs", when I saw, the orbs were not at the shop, and I have bought 1k in Sage Keys. I think it was a mistake, which could be evoided if I was paying attencion, but I was, cuz I was expecting not the Sage Keys, but the orbs, and the orbs were not there, now problably I won't get my Naruto. So, what should I do? If some of the tutors can help to solve this problem, I'll be grateful. I attached a image to you saw that the orbs were not there.Captura de Tela 2020-04-30 às 19

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