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[ Lineup ] Looking for a good f2p edo minato lineup


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Hi so im a f2p player with some good pulls and i want the best lineup with what i have but im not great with creating these things was wondering if someone could help i dont care what main it is btw what you guys come up with and thanks!!!

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This is what I use, konan and oro are bt, and I use oro for his bond skill. Since Minato is squishy, I have the anbu tactics so he heals himsel fully every round, and the oro barrier gives more resistance and defense. Screenshot 2020-04-29 at 12

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first i would recommend you switch to wind main cuz you need the mystery reset

here are 2 ideas, i like the one with 5th hokage better since edo minato is squishy so she heals him and you get a whole immune lineup

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