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[ Lineup ] Kakuzu EGF 4-star or Kakashi Summer


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I just want to ask which one is better: Kakuzu EGF 4-star or Kakashi Summer. Is Kakashi Summer really OP?

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I think Kakashi summer has the potential to scale higher than Kakuzu but he's a lot more frail than Kakuzu, who heals himself and is immune to chases so that helps to keep damage off. Both of them can be used as pos 1 ninjas or as supports. Kakashi's mystery is really great if you are a player with high initiative because it's unmissible damage and interruption. If you're facing a dodge ninja like Edo Minato or SOSP and you outspeed, their dodge doesn't matter and you can just stop their mystery while also causing a lot of damage to the whole team. Plus his mystery supresses super armor. So, you can really hit just about anybody. Kakuzu also stops the one ninja with his mystery but the damage from it is more limited.

I think it also kind of depends on which ninjas you already have and who you want to get in the future. If you have BT Edo Minato, Kakashi is probably the better option. They work well together and you can put either one of them in pos 1 and 2 with each other. If you have/want to get Rinnesasuke, Kakuzu might be the better choice since he's great support for Sasuke.

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