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Well as we know the whole world is in lockdown and I was very bored so I thought , What about a new Naruto online account?

But as I have already quit the game reason everywhere is see is six path Naruto I just didn't want to play it again.

Then I finally decided to create a new account and was surprised to see that f2p can actually survive in this game thanks to those event ninjas we get for free from fireworks also there are so many different skill trials available now which seems so interesting and now I wanna do it again.

Well I am back to the grind my goal will be trying out f2p skill trial ninjas and yea just have fun.

The one I wanna try will be Choji[great ninja war] , Danzo , Iruka and Nagato[edo tensei]{will take a long time}.

Good going oasis thanks to these skill trials and fireworks the game is fun once more.

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Somebody has to warn this good soul six path naruto skill trials are on the way

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