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[ Ninja Profile ] All different ways to get a ninja


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I'm here to ask for a thread/list of all possible different ways to get yourself a new ninja. Today the idea hit me, to categorize my ninja based on this criteria and make personal statistics. I'll give an example:

Ofc, there are the common ninja (like Naruto, Sasuke, Kimimaro, Asuma, Itachi, etc.) - In short - all the normal ninja you get in the beginning of the game and that are super easy to get.

Next we have, Treasure Ninja

(1) the blue and purple ones - In short - they are still easy to get, however might take a bit more time (like all the Kage, all GNW ninja, all Akatskuki members, all 7 swordsmen, etc.);

(2) second type Tresure Ninjas are the super-rares/golden ones - in short you can't have em all and you need to focus on a specific treasure to get one (fourth raikage or Susano Sasuke / Kurama Naruto or Founder Madara);

(3) Red ninja frags: I won't even talk about Susano Itachi and Edo Hashi here :D

Next thing we have, ofc - the Event/Coupon Ninja: we all know what we are talking about here: SOSP, Kakuzu, Edo Minato, Edo Itachi, Kushina, and so on.;

Next: Season System Ninja: nothing much to say here; I have only the last 4 (Shizuka, Guren, Ajisai, Karui) of them, cuz I play for an year obvio :D) [more on that later]

next, my fav part: Other-ways-to-obtain-Ninja:

things get complicated here, this is the part that made me post this whole thing and here is what I noticed:

- some season ninja like Chiriku who was initially season ninja might become Monthly/Daily Sign-In when enough time has passed

- some ninja like Hashi 1 Hok and Hiruzen 3 Hok - you get from Mission Gift Box Pack

- some ninja like Minato 4th hok and Death Possesion Hidan I've seen only in Sage Treasure event

- some ninja like Zaku and fockin Hebihime - you get from Survival/randomly

- some cps ninja like Kushina, Shisui, Minato Jounin, appeared on Fireworks and we got 80 frags free actually

lastly - the for-now-only-P2W-ingots Ninja: here I mean Ronin Naruto and 100 healing Tsunade (they will probably appear in cpn event or fireworks 2-3 years from now, or maybe in fuku, but are not ot Fuku/firework for now) I put them last, cuz Im f2p and I have no hope to get em soon

so, yeah, you get the points

It's kinda chaotic, can anyone list all the options to get a ninja, AND if possible, the tendencies how and why, the options to get a certain ninja change. Thank you in advance, beautiful people who are going to respond to my thread!


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Got Hashirama Hokage x80 from Arena 3v3

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  • Xi Kingpin On 2020-04-23 20:45:45
  • Got Hashirama Hokage x80 from Arena 3v3

nice, when was that?

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  • Yeshe V On 2020-04-24 05:38:12
  • nice, when was that?

The time when Yahiko( Young Adult ) was the reward and almost 4 years of not having him tho, when it dropped.

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  • Xi Kingpin On 2020-04-23 20:45:45
  • Got Hashirama Hokage x80 from Arena 3v3

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