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So, I know this may seem insignificant. But I have been playing this game on and off. And its coming to a point, where I'm wondering is there anything new that could be coming in the future. Like the last time that this game had all of our attention was in the last update. With introduction to new features, nearly everyone was excited, and I'm ngl, haven't felt that way in a long time.

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You aren't the only one, it's been full year since 6.0 where we got nature trainin last new feature and few other small things. This game feels abandoned at this point, especially if you play china version too and see their version still gets new feature or rework every 2 months. We just get ninjas and outfits that they can sell easy.

Am still annoyed we got scammed on tsunade npc that doesn't even work properly, and their bullcrap excuse even though they accidently added her working as intented before but removed, people even have her instance materials in their inventory still.

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Nah, probably not. Only some small improvements to be made and certain ninjas coming in and tweaks to the shop.

Nothing like the 5.0 update of having new main talents, rework of the shops,etc.

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