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[ Other ] How can someone report a potential cheater?


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How can I report a potential cheater? I have this guy with lower Ini than me always hitting before me in Sage. And I mean, always.

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You probably missed reading this pinned post but this is where you post where you think cheaters occur whether it is true -

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No man, our sage has a similar problem...I did raised this issue before...but obviously didn't do a good job explaining. Like 3 people leaving the field before countdown is over, moving at an incredible speed to the otherside of the field while fighting(yes moving while fighting), very hard to catch them due their speed. Funny thing is my pos 1-4 has over 10k ini on them and they can interrupt my pos 2 with pos Also they are about 300k-500k below the top whales but beat them to top 1 .Speed *s existed since the start of the game and it works now too...they already raised the issue in another region.They need to lock the speed to 1x..but old mini client has speed adjustment function..that gives about 10% speed obviously speed is not fixed. They do have a check, which activates if you go above a certain speed, causing you to disconnect saying illegal actions. I will try to record this and pm to the mod soon..was meaning to record it for so long but lag is too also bots exist too that's why they put that player far away thing. Also saw something what op describes in arena too...that could be a different thing.

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Hello, as Danzo previously stated, these reports are typically done through the misbehavior post, however, they c*so be PMed to me.

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