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Gaara kk sb


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Why oh why did he get leech ability?

the game was already dominated by bland characters that win by out-leeching the opponent, not by strategy, not by timing, not by building a cohesive team, simply by having a stacked leecher.

whose bright idea was it to take a character that was already a defensive powerhouse with shields/barrier and immunity to chases and give him the strongest leech ability in the game? which not only makes him completely unbalanced but also makes zero sense for that character to have that ability

yes, I know im late to the party, ive been gone a long time, played a little bit during quarantine to pass some time, and my holy christ are the players in this game boring. 6p/gaara or kushi/gaara or kakuzu/gaara teams is all ive seen. Just my opinion ofcourse, but I would rather go back to the old days before 6p or any skillbreaks were in the game, i'd rather face losing to the classic lightning blitz team in 1 or 2 rounds, than watch naruto and gaara leech their way to victory over 10 rounds, that is about as fun as passing a kidney stone and takes even longer

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Uhhh...Gaara Kazekage doesn't have Leech. If you think he does, you are severely misinformed.

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quite easy to counter gaara tbh...u only need ignition or dream (ignition and dream will neglect healing)

the problem is fighting the pos 1 he's trying to defend with them shields... so immobile/chaos/blind will certainly be useful.

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There are so many ninjas with "suppress super armor" mysteries...
Get 8-tails Bee and you have all you need to fully counter Gaara (suppress super armor, ignition, immobile) in 1 ninja.
You c*e SB Rinne Sasuke (suppress super armor, ignition and fear).

There are many ways to deal with him.

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"many" , there are a maybe 4 characters out of a roster of hundreds that can handle him.

but that is very specific, you have to use specific ninjas, potential with specific breaks and have to target gaara.

But since he was already a support ninja, and now for some reason has a heal ability that makes zero sense for him to have and the best shields in the game he is incredible at support but not much to worry about in offense.

meaning he is *always* used with either kushina sb or 6p, both of whom are already tedious beyond measure characters that win or lose take 10 rounds.

if the devs are allowed to give whatever skills they want, can I request that zaku is immune to all debuffs and chases? that is no more idiotic than gaara for some reason having medical passive.

He can be dealt with, I know, but he is just so unbalanced and nonsensical and since he works perfectly with the 2 most boring characters that already existed in the entire gaming world, matches are even worse.

either you focus on the * near immortal 6p/kushi or you focus on the self healing, huge shield stacking gaara, I use ibiki and bee sb in my main team, ibiki can stop kushi and bee can stop gaara.

but even then, if either the opponents main or other character has any heal or reflect skill, if the opponent has slug mystery max level, if I get one control fail, thats it I lose.

gaara shields up to high hell and uses master level medical ninjutsu to heal himself,


kushi ( who ofcourse will be stacked) in 1 round will get two big heals and do a * ton of damage.

I know, i know , welcome to naruto online an mmo where balance literally does not exist, i know that, but it is still annoying to face characters that are simultaneously unbalanced and yet boring and who in 1 round can heal/stack enough that that will be a decisive moment in the match, timing, planning, team cohesion, power distribution be *ed, all utterly irrelevant.

there are ways to deal with those teams, but there sure as hell are not "many" viable options, and my main gripe isnt with losing, thats part of the game, my issue is an objectively * change to a character has made the worlds most boring player base even more boring than ever before.... oh look, another match watching 1st pos leech/self heal and second pos self heal and stack shields for 10 rounds, oh boy I cant wait to face the exact same team in every match I play today(!)

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thank you, so im not the only who thinks that giving a character a skill he has no reason to possess and giving *ready strong shield giving super armor support ninja the most broken and op self heal in the game is nothing short of tarded. 6p and kushi were the pinnacle of boring, but every single player in all 1500+ servers facing each other with inexplicably medical master gaara goes beyond the word boring and since in practically every lineup he is used with one of the formers there is literally no gameplay left to be had facing those teams. You may aswell take up a hobby, learn to play an instrument, learn to crochet, learn a new language, because you absolutely have the time while waiting for 10 spam rounds to pass by

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