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[ Suggestions ] Update to Anbu clothing


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Hello there,

since we have many clothing which transforms character in combat but not avatar picture or any other pictures,
We might get update, so face avatar and pictures correspond with armor we use.
So for Anbu clothing we get avatars (such as Hyakki)
New anbu avatars:

and full pictures (in ninja):
New full pictures:
2b84f8318dd7b3e59a73097f33df97c2 (1)83a618d431e656aba8565f1bc2575c1bdd36ero-7804127c-d5bd-4e69-b8a9-871f677ddcf76bd4a5ef3e11eb48da46f7fe420697ab71b9ba001f466e9cddcc20fd060f6627

* I borrow these pictures from maxiuchiha22 on Deviantart.
All other clothings should get update aswell :)

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