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Where did you guy Duy Might?


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In the shuffle of 3v3 events, it always happens even when participating every day to be at least 10 frags short when the event is over....then there is no change the following weeks to get the frags to finish up the ninja (sans Young Tsunade recently). Can you guys please put Duy Might and the other 3v3 non-completed ninjas somewhere in a weekly reward event so we can finish these up?

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Agree, it would be nice if there was some event where we could get some frags of past 3v3 ninjas. Especially Duy Might and Young Adult Konan who were barely put out into any other events after being in 3v3, compared to other ninjas who were subsquently in events afterwards like YA Tsunade and Mizuki. Please give us these frags instead of endlessly putting Itachi [Boy] frags in events.

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I missed a day of the monthly christmas event and never got *y jutsu Naruto. My luck is terrible when having the wheel land on him in Sakura Festival. Hope they keep him in later events or else I'll never complete the frags like the cat quiz ninja and the original fuku from way back then.

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As far as I remember, those ninjas who were placed as the reward for 3v3 Arena are placed and released again in different events where players can get it for free, at least for some of them. If you want to request for them to be placed on other events, you may go to our News Section and look for the New Events Feedback threads to give your thoughts about it. I will try to bring this up to my superiors too for you all. Thank you.

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