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Is arena now purely decided by initiative ?


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Hello everyone ,

So am i the only one thinking that arena and arena SWB just come down to who ever have more initiative win ?

With how everyone is playing what i like to call "*" line up

that can kill you in one turn (or leave you with 25% total health ) while being completely unstopable (due to the lack of initiative ) ?


Ones that rely on acting first so you initiate a combo with some chakra drain in the mix (sweet Edo hashirama chase stealing all of my chakra ) where turn 2 and turn 3 (if there is one ) is getting nuked with absolute zero counterattack possible.

Is it fun to not be able to do anything just because i doesn't go first ?

And Yes i really mean losing because the enemy *on mashed his pos 1 without having to time anything .

Getting nuked by someone having 2 or 3 times my power in other mode is OK (because this is to be expected) but in arena where the whole point is to be on an "equal" foot .

Just another rant i supose against whales ....

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