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[ Lineup ] I'm stuck and can't make a good team


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tbh, it's not that difficult to make your own team. start by breaking down your team into 3 phases: beginning where you're stuck with free konoha 12 ninjas, mid game when you have access to ninjas like sage naruto, darui and so on, and end game where you have access to jonin minato, edo minato, habanero kushina, etc.

for any team, first think of who is your carry. your main damage dealer. from there, work backwards to see how you can support your carry. then pick more supports who can support your carry AND your other supports.

for some main characrers, he/she won't be your carry from mid game onwards. most times, only lightning main and water main can be your carry in your mid game.

for example, lets say i am going to make a mid game team:

- i pick sage naruto as my carry. so working backwards, i can pick either gaara, danzo (with breakthrough) or 5 kage summit temari to support naruto.

- i then maybe customise my main to support naruto as well. for example, i can change my main to wind main.

- since my wind main's enhancement passive only powers 3 wind type ninja, so i just go ahead and pick kurenai since i don't need anymore wind ninjas.

- i then look back at my main's moves to see how much more i can support my team. do i still keep wind style enhancement to support naruto and gaara? maybe i can switch to flower guard to support kurenai? use clones as my standard to protect gaara and kurenai? who knows?

- statuses that controls (i.e. immobile, chaos, etc.) should ideally be there somewhere. it could come from your mystery or your chases. so in this case, maybe i'll work to breakthrough gaara or kurenai.

- chase combo is one of the last things i worry about. that's where you may consider other supports if you want a longer chase combo.

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