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I was on that server (S27 Hashirama). I knew Kaizen since they merged us with S33 and s35, we were in the same group for a while. I never had any problems with him.

There was another "guy" though, he/she usually trolled people every day and sent them some mocking and rude chat messages.

I quit a few months ago mostly because of that guy kept bullying me 3-4 times a week. I wasn't strong enough cos I was 100% F2P.

Don't know under what name is he/she playing currently as he/she used to change names quite often...But I remeber some of these, it was P0rneus or Forneus/Mephisto/C umber or Dumber (LOL) I think. Not sure because he used some weird font so it was hard to make out the name. That dude was cursing in GNW espeically when our strong member attacked him/her. I dunno if those Kaizens are the same person or not, probably yeah, as I used to run 3 accounts as most of the players do in this game. Which is not against the rules BTW.

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