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[ Strategy Share ] White Tiger Contracting Scroll


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So... Not to sure which category this should be in either (like some previous posts)

Clearly there is a lot of confusion around translation between "Summon Contract" (used to advance summon Cultivation) and "Contracting Scroll" (used to make a summon visible on the map) both of them not to be mistaken with "Mystery Gems" (used for Summon Mystery during used during battle).

So, my case is.. At some point I got 10 Contracting Scrolls, later I realized it's from GNW Pack. (I used them for Crow and Katsuyu, now I have 8 of them) However it says I can get more from "Events" (WHICH, WHEN, HOW MUCH do they cost is not clear) Furthermore, few months ago (in the summer) the White Tiger function was unlocked. Since than I'm keeping an eye on Hot Topics, and haven't seen it. Some players said it had to be in Lucky *, but it isn't.

Clearly, either I'm missing some information, or there isn't enough information in the game, (or most likely BOTH). To the admins, please do something about translations, if possible at all, and most important, please answer my question from above and give us a list of ways and costs to get normal Contracting Scrolls or specific ones (like White Tiger). I know it's not important part of the game since it's only visual effect, but it's best to work properly.

Thank you! (sorry for TL:DR)

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Iirc, one of the ways to get contracting scroll is, if you get to the last milestone in Konoha Great Tree.
I'am not 100% sure, but i think one of the milestones in Wheel of Fortune gave also a contracting scroll.
And maybe Treasure of The Sage was also a contracting scroll.

Your answer on the White Tiger Contracting Scroll, I myself have never seen it in any event, so I don't know either.

Please correct me if I'am wrong

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Specific once c*ually be found in

1) Fuku (sometimes)

2) Treasure of Sage

3) Super Cheap Shopping (i ve seen some scrolls in the past few days in this event).

But getting the specific ones...for black tiger, the deer or the monkey, it will cost you several thousand cps / ingots.

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fock, thank you for the info, mate

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I haven't seen the White Tiger one, but I have seen the Katsuya contract scroll in Treasure of the Sage

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There are no katsuya contract scrolls imo.

You must mix this up with her Mystery Stones.

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  • Pupsiiiii On 2020-03-25 16:05:44
  • There are no katsuya contract scrolls imo.

    You must mix this up with her Mystery Stones.

there was a white tiger scroll from platinum recharge awhile back hope

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