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[ Lineup ] Help please


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I have like 22k coupons and i'm thinking who should i buy, some say edo minato or sasuke rinne sharingan, any other suggestions?

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how about six paths naruto, is edo minato still better?

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Minato by a mile..sasw sasuke get enfeeble by minato.

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Between those two Edo minato is a better choice. And you dont need any other p2w to support him. Ninjas like Gaara kazekage, Iruka or Bee would work great.

Cant really say if Sasuke rinen is any good now or not. But i would still go for minato. The only problem is that for both ninjas you need 4 stars so it would cost you a lot more then 22k. And then you should get minato barrier that cost a lot. Ofc you can play without his barrier but its not the same.

And ofc you c*ways go for Kushina. She is easy to get. Every week you can get her frags for free from random events.

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Summer Kakashi is nice too.

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