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[ Fanfiction ] Saint Ninja Origin Story: Part 3 (Midnight)


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Midnight's POV:

Look, this is a bit hard to explain, because my life, being the Son of the Patriarch Shion, it wasn't so "easy".

As you know, I'm the new Patriarch of the Sanctuary.

My name is Midnight Blade, and my job is to protect Athena, or also known as some Gold Saints and me like... Breeze.

One day I was a recongnized Shinobi of Konoha, expert in the practice of the Sword, a very powerful ANBU ninja.

But later, I've been trained by one Gold Saint, called Dohko. In fact, he was my father's best friend.

My dad always told me that they were the last men standing on the last Saint War, against Hades.

I was surprised, cuz that war, happened 243 years ago. How my father and my master could survive a lot of time?!

Well, it's very simple.

My father it belongs to the extinguished Mu Clan. Besides being prodigy blacksmith, they had the blessing of live a lot of years, keeping a young body.

But my master Dohko, had recieved the "Misopetha Menos". This is the "Half Death state, practiced by the Gods".

That means, that my father and my master, have 261 years, but with a body of a 18 years old man.

They had met a lot of interesting people, when they were doing their work as Gold Saints.

I would like to ask them a lot of stuff of their lives... sadly, my father is not here anymore... and my master it's always on the Mountains of Rozan.


As you know, I was a trained Shinobi of Konoha, and later, my Master Dohko trained me.

It was a rough training, cuz I had to "be calmed and concentrated" in the battle.

However, the hard part of the training, it wasn't the training itself... no.

Control and domain the skills of my master, the Attacks of the Dragon, it was a true hell.

I've learned skills like:

- Rozan: Sho Ryu Ha (Ascending Dragon)

- Rozan: Ryu Shou (Dragon Strike Impulse)

- Rozan: Hyaku Ryu Ha (100 Dragons of Rozan)

- Rozan: Ko Ryu Ha (Final Dragon)

This last skill, it was my master's forbidden attack. Why? Simple. This would kill me and my enemy.

The idea of this skill, is trap my opponent in an embrace, increase my Chakra / Cosmo, and jump to the sky. The force of my power, keeps me rising and rising... until my body melts by the friction, and finally, turns into Stardust.


I've forgot to say that my last training, it was to reverse the course of a waterfall.

I've focused my Chakra in my leg, and I've kicked it, reversing the course.

I've been finally ended my training.

Later, my master made me a Dragon tattoo in my back.


This was the true proof that I've made my training so well.

BTW, I've forgot to mention that when I was on Konoha, I've met my best friends... Breeze, Azure, Scarlet and Crimson.

They're everything to me.

After end my training in the Mountains of Rozan, I've returned to the Sanctuary. My father was proud of me. In this point, I had 15 years old. Yes, I've ended my training in 4 years.

My father saw me like a grown young man, and he hugged me.

Shura, the Gold Saint of Capricorn appeared, and we've been talking about what's the meaning of being a Gold Saint.

Have a Gold Cloth, it doesn't make you a powerful warrior, it's just the proof that the Cloth selected you, because you control the power of you Cosmo.

Not only that, Shura trained me too. He taught me the power of the Spirit of Excalibur that lives in his right arm.

I've trained with him for 3 years. Shura it was like my big brother. Sometimes I didn't called him by his name, I just told him "big brother".

In fact, when he sacrificed himself to save the other Gold Saints, I saw a light that shone in his body. That light went to my right arm, and I had could feel his presence inside of me.

He told me: "Midnight, you're the little brother I ever wanted. From now on, even dead, the Spirit of Excalibur, will live in your right arm. This is my last will that I trust you".


After defeat Saga, and turning me in the next Patriarch of the Sanctuary, I've changed my look. I've adopted my father's clothes when he was the Patriarch and a short haircut (Puppy Wishes's hairstyle), but then, I've decided let grown my hair, so it can be like my father's hairstyle (Hana Style haircut).

From now on, I'll be doing my best on working for the future of my family.

The end.

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