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How long have you been playing?


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My memory's pretty foggy, but I believe it was sometime during fall of 2016. I saw an ad off that one PVP game, Naruto-Arena I think it used to be called, and found myself here. I decided to try the game to see if it actually had Dosu in it, unlike that one ripoff game which replaces him with a generic Sound ninja. I signed up for one of the earlier servers (in the 20s) and then re-started on S47. I guess I'm an OG? lmao

I used to use Ukon Sakon back in the day all the time. Was hella fun, but I was never dominant in PVP. That's okay, though.

Can you believe it's soon going to be four years since playable Dosu was first suggested in a few months, and he's still nowhere in sight?

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