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ADLDICLPNOS 8.5 - Doicare's Wacky Adventures in Deviantart


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a derps life and Do I Care? - “Let’s Play” Naruto Online Shippuden

Eps 8.5 - Doicare’s Wacky Adventures in Deviantart

(Stylized like a Poorly Censored Satire)

Written by Do I Care? & a derps life

Cover art by Tecchen

Images provided by Do I Care?

This is a bonus episode detailing something which Do I Care? feels strongly about. a derps life just kind of got dragged along for the ride.

The images probably broke on the forum. Check the Google Drive for the full version

Don't know what's going on?

Need to catch up on what happened in Part 1?

Check the rest of the story out right here:

Now I’m sure you’re wondering, “what’s going on?”

“why is there a bonus episode?”

Well… on my hunt for material for CGs in the LP, I stumbled upon the land of Deviantart.

And there, I discovered someone who wants my Generic Suna Nin to burn in eternal sauna.

yo uh like… who would hate on such an obscure character gently caressing lmaooo

this is hilarious

Seriously. Look at this poo poo.

I don’t understand why you would go through the effort to be so spiteful towards a fictional character.

you know, our boy dosu on the forums hates gaara right?

we don’t see dosu doing this kind of thing to gaara lmaoooooo

they just want to b@ng gaara doicare

look, see? look at this.

they just wanna b@ng gaara, as you can see, because they’re making excuses here.

Eeeeh… I don’t buy that one bit.

I think their own crushes on Gaara are certainly a bias.

Sure, maybe her yelling at Temari is what triggered it initially…

But admit it, you pr1cks…

it really is just because you ladies want Gaara to d!ck you down.

That’s the core behind it all.


gently caress Gaara.

Naturally, being more than just a little shocked that a character as obscure as her would get hate, I decided to do some more investigation as to who was the ringleader of this mess…

seems this gal hates hinata too lmao

okay hold up.

Seriously, look at this stuff.

Imagine hating a character so much that you put a pic of them getting shot in the head on your profile.

look at those gently caressing stamps.

i can actually feel the EDGE and CANCER just

just REEKING off of these gently caressing stamps.

this right here, is what you could classify as…


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So I dropped them a comment.

You can’t see it now, since the admin deleted it, but I was basically like…

“look, I get that you dislike this character and that’s perfectly okay. but don’t you think it’s a little excessive to do constant drawings of shooting her in the head, calling her ugly and a wh0re, and just being plain offensive and toxic?”

And I got blocked, and my comment got deleted.

So I couldn’t even see the response, until I logged out. lmao

Being a 100% pureblooded Pacific Islander, and not Spanish, I asked someone to translate and got this:


”oh this guy doesn’t like what im doing so he must be bu.tthurt lmaooo”

”ima just block him lolololol yaaaaay i defeated the ceo of b.utthurt matsuritards”

Silly Derps, you cannot stand up to me anymore.

For I am…

The CEO Of Bu.tthurt People!

this lady who blocked you really must be self satisfied with herself

“i killed the ceo of b.utthurt lmao”

she just be like this right now:


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I mean, I tried to be civil and pleasant. But seems she didn’t even read what I tried to say.


And if she’s purposefully not going to listen to reason…

what can I do, right?

that’s cronje

Some people are happier believing a lie and wasting their lives away, anyways.

this woman just does not listen to reason huh.

Is it really so much to ask, to show some human decency and not be vile and cruel?

To just listen to other people?

Seriously, take a look at the page, some of the things they say reminds me of the kind of cyberbullying that leads to people committing suicide.

Imagine that.

Freakin’ mean girls.

gently caressing lmao doicare


im actually losing my poo poo right now

standing up for your waifu gently caressing lmasofasdfklasdhlasfgafklsgnadsf

Yeah, and I’m banned from even looking at that group too.

this is the hardest ive laughed in a while gently caressing lmao

Someone was salty.

I CANT gently caressing BREATHE

imagine being so stubborn that just saying “don’t be mean” warrants getting banned

But I didn’t give up there…

So I went down to the admin’s deviantart page.

At least I’m not the only one who feels like this, I guess.

subarashi soul right now:

I’m sure this person has deleted all sorts of other comments lmao.

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pffffffttttttt the internet really is full of cancer huh.

Look. I know that we literally JUST parodied Gaara as being a playb0y…

because you wanted a reason to repair idontcare’s relationship with GSN

But like…

What would the canonical Gaara think of you harming one of his villagers – his admirers?

Just think about that for a bit.

Man, I feel like that would be one of the few things that would ACTUALLY get him angry.

And you dare to call yourself a Gaara fan? Don’t make me laugh.

If you’re not even mature enough to listen to the opposite side…

I dunno what to tell ya, dude.

Some people are happier rotting in the tr@sh.


i swear

personal bonus episodes like this are going to be the end of adldiclpnos

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So, remember guys.

No matter how bad you are,

no matter how useless of a person you believe you are…

No matter how many times you’ve failed, how many jobs you weren’t able to get…

How many times your grades have been bad,

or how many times you’ve published a piece of writing that nobody liked...

At least you’re not as toxic, stubborn, and unwilling to listen to reason as that Mexican chick Subarashi-soul, or whatever her name was that’s the head of the Gaara fangirl/Hate Generic Suna Nin club, is.

Like I said, it’s okay to hate. I don’t mind if you hate my favorite characters.

But if you’re going to be toxic and offensive about it?

Then I’m not gonna stand by and watch.

I’m gonna take issue with it.

Doicare out, yo.

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Also, on a positive note, I pulled this guy from a freebie.

y’know what this whole fiasco reminds me of?

the wacky adventures of jason siska, a story about an idiot.

“it has a face on it!”

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gently caressing lmao doicare you actually did it wtf

sorry for being a day late, we just needed a bit to prep for next season, featuring the return of orochimu.

adldiclpnos season 2's lovely intro:

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