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[ Ranked Battles ] Water formation required please


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Here are my ninjas. I do not own Roshi, Han or as you can see Naruto 9-tale chakra. Sorry for it being in Spanish, it is the language in which I play the game. Thank you! I would appreciate a good ranked battle formation. At the moment, I use Mei - GNW Tenten - Mabui as the main team.

Can anybody help me by telling me how can I show the ones I have?? Just doing a screen printing doesn't work...

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im not sure what ninja you have because i cant see it, but a good team to use would be

action 1:hinata

action 2:sakura christmas

action 3:sasuke (normal) preferrably three star

action 4:water main

talents are water dragon justsu, healing jutsu (mystery and standard), and giant katsuyu summon

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