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Give me my coupons back


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  • Reaperboy On 2020-03-12 20:06:15
  • LOL, NO, it wasn't.

    This game is made like this so everyone spends on sh*t they don't even want to buy eventually, in mistake or not.

    Sometimes those boxes tick themselves, a youtuber Senbon WASTED his coupons on charm packs like that when he didn't even tick the box himself! He even has the video. Again, most of the time the box is not ticked but sometimes the game leaves it ticked, he got another box before using the charms saying *automatically stop if materials are insufficient*, he only had time to read that, classic way to get your coupons stolen.

    Sometimes it asks you to confirm, sometimes it doesn't when it's about buying with coupons/ingots and you run out of your own material so you think it asks to confirm all the time.


    every chance they get they steal your coupons, ingots or money and that's facts (if you remember that flower event)

Dude 400 coupons is nothing

Yet your screaming and crying like a little kid

I can easily earn 400 coupons in 2 days

You just need be careful when you are using/buying things.

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