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Change mastury from level to power level


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More I'm playing mastury and more i see that event is not working anymore. When it's say you will fight someone with a "higher" or "lower" level, most of the time for a level 105 it's useless and mean nothing. Just today, when i see lower level, I expect fighting people with a equal to lower power level of mine. Or what i fight was extremely far from that: a level 93 with 450 000 power level, a level88 with 300 000 power and a level 89 with 335 000 power. So yes i fought 3 "low level", but mine is around 280 000 power, And on the other hand the same problem happen. Because there no more people over me because I'm level105, I fought people so far from me it's was impossible to fight them.

What I'm asking it's to change for the logic system that would work for everyone: use the power level of the player. You cant be wrong by using this: the minimum power is 1 and right now the highests one is around the millions, giving enough place for everyone to find a more fair fight. If it's say you will fight someone with a power level lower of you it's can be wrong: if you are around 260 000 power, everything lower of that is ok. And on the other part, saying higher will be the same: everything higher of 260 000 will be ok too, And if there no one in these range and you wait the 60 second, it's could be a random one.

With this system, everything will be fair for everyone, giving a better chance in the overall for the less powerfull player and leaving highers players with there chance to win.

And one last thing, dont give me the asnwer it's because the game is built like that. That not a answer to the question a post long time ago, It's mean nothing and just show you dont like to change thing for the better. I'm asking for change for the better. This game is great to play and need improvement on lot of points (loading of everything, server lag, cost of thing that not usefull that are to high for nothing like normal protect and some cloth piece, overall balance of mecanic, etc). But for now I thing this change for mastury would be easy to make, will improve the game and make a difference,

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When not enough players it will match wil who ever in the que..low level or high level.I am low level but get matched with high lvl (always 105) and highpower...most of the time too.Matsuri and sage are spenders rebate events..get whatever you can and get rewards from other events...tons of ways to max sun and moon coins. Stop level freezing unless you are a massive whale..not worth it.Make sure you put your ninja tools on and have good teams. Also observer when whales are doing :most whales do it during first 30 mins..and level freezers during 9 tails. 19.30 is a good window.

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