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[ Fanfiction ] Saint Ninja Origin Story: Chapter 1 (Breeze)


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*Breeze's POV*

All right, I don't know how to begin this... surely anyone will correct me if I don't begin correctly my story.


Well, my name is Breeze Dancer, and I'm... Athena.

Yes, I'm the reincarnation of a Goddess, idk why she choosed me for be her reincarnation, but meh, I'm still myself.

I'm from the Zodiac Sign of Virgo, like my big brother, Shaka. In fact, in the Sanctuary, he's the Gold Saint of that sign.


Let's just start with my story, okay?

This happened 16 years ago. I was the 2nd baby of a prestigious family. My brother Shaka taked care of me when I was just a newborn baby. He was just 4 years, but he love me. Sadly, this is where our story begins...

Our parents were murdered by a group of thieves. Shaka screamed of rage and sadness, making that a weird golden light flow in his body... pushing the thieves away and killing them.

Yeah, it was weird, a simple kid beated a group of idiots.

We've escaped from our home. Shaka made his best job to take care of me. I was just a baby, I couldn't understand anything.

Live on the street it was very hard, specially because we don't had money, a house and parents. Besides, the constant rain it doesn't help.

The first 2 years were hard. Shaka had to work hardly for us. Not only that, he sometimes went to a weird place to meditate and talk with Buddha.

One year later... is when that happened.

A hooded man, with a long golden knife, tried to kill me. Shaka made his best job to protect me from that man, but that monster it was more bigger than my big brother. He just pushed him away, and approached to me, with a cold sight and darker eyes.

I was so freakin scared...


A pure light was shining and flowing in my body.

That man stopped and started to walk back, until the point that he escaped. Shaka hugged me and then a weird green long haired man approached to us. It was Shion and took us to the Sanctuary. He promised to take care of us and train us.

Shaka and me accepted and we went to that "Sanctuary".

We've been trained by some people. My big brother was trained by the last Gold Saint of Virgo, called Shijima. He had the same hairstyle like my bro, but it was red, instead of yellow.

And me... well... my own brother trained me.

7 years later... my brother got the Virgo's Cloth, and he continued the work of Shijima. In that moment, Shaka started to train me more harder.

Oh! I've forgot something.

2 years ago, my brother sent me to the Ninja Academy. He told me that I have good skills with weapons and control of the energy.

In that place, I've met my 4 best friends of my life.. Azure, Scarlet, Crimson... and Midnight.

They're so special to me...

Anyway... I've continued training with my brother, I've returned to Konoha 6 years later, we've fought against ourselves the 4 ones and me, bla bla bla...

And... that's it.

What? I don't have more stuff to tell.

I'll tell you when I have more secrets or stories to tell, okay? ;)

The end.

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