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[ Bugs ] Kimono Itachi Crashing Bug


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It's been like 2 years, do * years. And yall get paid so much money from people whaling. But for some reason ya'll can't fix this itachi kimono bug crashing people. Like what's taking so long? That garbage costs me so man fights in bonds because I can't react if I'm crashed. His mystery is the only on that crashes me. So it ain't my computers problem it's yall. It's already bad enough I have to deal with yall garbage ass bonds ranking system. but to add this * crap on top of it.

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+ 1 am still having kimono itachi bug as well, makes me want to avoid that ninja at all cost.

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+1 Bump

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Honestly, I never had Itachi [Kimono] crash me, even on my nearly 13 year old PC.

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Hello, I have not had issues with this either, but I know there is a large portion of players that do. I can pass this message along again and hope it gets fixed soon!

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I don't have issues with this either.

run 3

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They can report again but if developers not doing anything, what can they do...worth creating a ticket on CS so they might look into it..if enough tickets(hope so). Try updating your flash +video card drivers to see if it helps.

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Oasis wont ever fix such simple things, they only fix stuff like events and other mechanics responsible for money generation...
This bug affects me as well as some others that I know in my server. Personally I am using client not through browser, and they haven't updated client in years, amazingly the piece of crap still works. And at east once I require a refresh when using Kimono Itachi.

The other thing is that they should get rid of the constant flashing when some hits are done, it's total bs and just annoys, at least me. Heck, people can get epileptic or other seizures. I once wrote about it long ago, years ago, but the nobody cares.

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