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Winter Outfits Optional Pack


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Dear Mods and Administrators,

I recently purchase 36 packs outfit packs from the banner event to finished my fragments for the Puppy-Wishes clothing but after I bought the packs, claimed the 36 frags of the Puppy-Wishes they did not show up in the synthesizing part of armor. Now at first I thought I had just simply mis-clicked the wrong armor but not extra frags for Jingle Bells showed ( i don't have that Armor yet) and there isn't any extra frags showing up for the other two. What happened? Is this a common glitch and could i possible get either refunded my 2700 coupons or get my frags back? Or at least show show me that I did click wrongly

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Hello,please try clearing your cache, and if that does not help, please ensure that you have as many screenshots as you can take, I understand that taking screenshots from prior to purchase or use of the packs is impossible, but please take screenshots of you having no fragments of the included clothings, and any other screenshots that could help. You will need to create a CS ticket and give them your information and screenshots, and they will be able to check to ensure that you get your fragments.

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