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[ Character ] Scarlet Blaze XD (A dedication sketch)


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Here is a dedication sketch to my forum friends XD. To the people I met and got to know on Naruto Online Forum.
To those who inspire me to draw or write or try out new things.
Special thanks to the gutsy ⛧Akuma⛧ who was here before me and did great things.
To Clumsy who showed us possibilities and to not give up trying.
To e.m.c for initiating an interesting chat with me on private message.
To QV for inviting me to discord and being a man. XD
To the many supports, viewers, likers, participants, challengers.
And the many others I didn't recall top of my mind.. yet ? haha anyways..
I think there is a reason why I seldom draw in the face. I can't make what expression to put in.
But I tried this time.. Hope yall like IT too even though it's a crying main XD
A preset theme song chosen for this particular drawing >*Ih-meAU

Edit: the * word got censored is f_a_g without underscores. Viewer discretion is advised XD


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that's... really touching. thank you

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