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[ Fanfiction ] A Hidden Truth and the Revenge.


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*Once they knew that Breeze was Athena's reincarnation, Shaka focused his energy in Breeze's chest, and with help of the Seventh Sense and his magnificent power, he erased the arrow*

Breeze: ... h-huh...?

Shaka: Good morning, lil' sis *smile*

Breeze: Onii-san...?

Midnight: B-Breeze... you've woke up... h-heh... *falls to the floor*

Scarlet: Dude! *went with him*

Mu: His opponent it was Deathmask, a very cruel and powerful Gold Saint. He almost killed Midnight and stoled his soul.

Milo: ... His pulse is getting weaker...

Azure: I-I'll help him...

*Azure approached and she started to cure him. She noticed that his heart got more weaker, cuz the excesive use of the Seventh Sense drained his Chakra. However... Breeze layed her hands above Azure's hand and started to give her energy to Midnight.*

Mu: Lady Athena, you shouldn't do that...

Breeze: Why not?!

Aldebaran: You don't have enough energy...

Breeze: I don't care! We're a team! We live as a family! Together... we can surpass every barrier that stops us. I don't want that one of us... gives up, without find his or her truth...

Scarlet: ... She's right... *lays his hands above Midnight's body and gives a bit of his energy*

Crimson: We're a family... *copies them*

*A golden light covered Midnight's body*

Mu: Such power...

Shaka: Breeze...

Breeze: ... hehe... *crying* Thanks, my family...

*They stopped curing Midnight, and then, Breeze sighed. After that, a explosion waved the place. The Patriarch Ares started to attack all the place with Fire Bombs.*

Ares: Mwahahaha! Now... everything will be under my control...

Breeze: Patriarch! Why are you doing this?!

Ares: "Patriarch"... Do you think that a Patriarch would look like this? *burn his clothes and he showed his real form*


Scarlet: N-No... this can't be...

???: I'm Saga, the Gold Saint of Gemini! *unleashes his energy and moves everything with the pressure of his power*

Mu: I've thought that he was dead...

Shaka: Breeze... stay here... we'll take care of him.


Saga: Now... I don't need this pathetic place and their useless Gold Saints with me...! *creates a giant meteor*

Midnight: ... S-Stop right there...!

Saga: Well, well, well... look we have here... it's the new legit Patriarch.

Azure: "New Patriarch"?!

Saga: How ironic you didn't knew that Midnight was chosen to be the next Patriarch.

Breeze: W-What...?

Saga: Midnight have a lot of secrets... that I know them.

Breeze: Secrets?

Midnight: D-Don't you dare... Saga...


Saga: Hehehe... did you knew why Shion always taked care of Midnight and loved him?

Mu: ... What are you saying?

Saga: Let's just say that you've cured Little Shion.

Aldebaran: ... What...?

Saga: Midnight... the little Midnight Blade... is the Biologic Son of Shion, the Patriarch

*Everyone were shocked*

Saga: Now.. I'll erase this pathetic world!

Midnight: NOT AS I LIVE TO PROTECT IT! *a light green energy was flowing in his body and he punched Saga's attack*

Saga: What the...? This is... Athena's power!

Midnight: GROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR! *attacks Saga and crushes him in the wall*

*Saga unleashed his evil form*


Saga: Pathetic human... DIE NOW!!! *pushed him to another place and he went to the highest point of the Sanctuary, and he started to make a giant meteor*

Scarlet: No way... he really wants to destroy us!


*Midnight stopped the attack with his fist. Then, his arm was covered with a part of a Gold Energy. Not only his arm, all his body was covered into a golden energy*

Saga: What the...?!


*He destroyed the attack and he pushed far away Saga*

Shaka: Excellent. He awakened and controlled the Seventh Sense at 100%

Breeze: Midnight...

Azure: ... OH! Look!!

*Saga attacked again with the Galaxian Explosion, destroying all the places and attacking the Gold Saints. The ones that gave their lives to save them was Shura and Aldebaran*


Shura: L-Leave me... stop Saga now!


*In a floating rock, Breeze, Azure, Scarlet and Crimson were there, looking for Saga*

Saga: You're still alive, Athena...? Why don't you DIE?! *throws a giant energy blaster that destroys everything in his pass*

Breeze: No... this is our end... *cries*

*The blaster was very close to them*

Midnight: DON'T YOU DARE, SAGA!!!! *breaks one rock*

*After that, one giant light covered Midnight. It was his master Dohko, the Gold Saint of Libra*


Midnight: What the...?

Dohko: I believe in you... my dear disciple... Midnight Blade... better said... Patriarch Midnight.

*Dohko went inside of Midnight, and the new Patriarch, impulsed so freaking fast, taking all of his friends away from Saga's attack*

Breeze: ... W-What...?

*Midnight was wearing the Gold Cloth of Libra*


Midnight: Remember... I'll give my life to protect you... Breeze.

Breeze: Midnight... you can move... using Libra's Cloth?

Midnight: Yes... however... we're not alone.

*Azure and Crimson started to shine in a gold light.*

*Azure was wearing Aquarius's Cloth*


*And Crimson was using Taurus's Cloth*


*Saga's Cloth started to leave his body, and his armor went to Scarlet*


Midnight: Heh... *lays Breeze in the floor*

*Breeze started to release Athena's energy inside of her*

Breeze: Okay... Say your names now, New Gold Saints!

Midnight: Midnight Blade, Gold Saint of Libra!

Azure: Azure Fang, Gold Saint of Aquarius!

Crimson: Crimson Fist, Gold Saint of Taurus!

Scarlet: Scarlet Blaze, Gold Saint of Gemini!


Saga: I don't need Gemini's Cloth to destroy everything...! DIE!!!!

Breeze: Attack now!!


The End.

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hehe, i like short verses, even though your work lack comedy when compared to "a derps life and Do I Care?" 's works

it is quite to the point, requires some imagination to fill in the pieces thou, still it feels like it's full of action.

not to mention it always ends with a conclusive ending XD, thumbs up to you IndraBlaze!

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  • Tombo Lockdown! On 2020-02-27 09:54:36
  • hehe, i like short verses, even though your work lack comedy when compared to "a derps life and Do I Care?" 's works

    it is quite to the point, requires some imagination to fill in the pieces thou, still it feels like it's full of action.

    not to mention it always ends with a conclusive ending XD, thumbs up to you IndraBlaze!

Thanks a lot, Tombo!
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