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[ PVP ] Sasuke rinegan why so weak..!?


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Because Sasuke Rinegan are so weak ... Being one of the strongest in Naruto in battle Sasuke the damage to him is *ing bad .. Also too weak .. I should put the ability to dodge an atque as shown in the anime using the rinegan

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even though i know the game mechanics won't strictly follow the canon anime due to game play balancing.

it was an interesting notion to agree that sasuke should have some form of dodge if according to the anime.

the sharingan_alone give him the insight to trace / dodge / aim on most cases especially in his younger days.

while sasuke rinne isn't really seen much as a dodger but a head on tactical challenger,

due to the fact he sees through an attack or initiate a series of attacks immediately launching into the fight grabbing the first decisive contact.

or becoming an instant counter unlike naruto who actually does use his superior sage/nine tail massive chakra imbued body

to regularly dodge or even just move at extreme speed constantly.

imo in game it would be nice if sasuke rinne had an unmissable mystery,

or allow him to have unmissable standard while on explosive mode.

however, after his bt / st sasuke rinne is already very overpowered, so i doubt others would agree to + him.

will be very interested to see another version of sasuke rinne-sharingan in game,

though that would be single arm sasuke [ after gnw ] the rinne-sharingan wanderer.

and also maybe a naruto [ after gnw ] the hero retained would be a nice add on. XD

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Don't worry, as soon as he gets his breaks he will be meta together with nagato breaks and or gakido/ningendo breaks or one of the itachi versions or one of the rinnegan madaras.

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when are they gonna fix those skillbooks. I wasted 100 cps, that I could use right now. Fix it, or at least let me sell it so I have use it for it

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