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[ Lineup ] More presets?


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It's probably safe to assume that any mod reading this has no power or influence to do absolutely anything so I'll waste 3 mins of my time just for the sake of it (waiting for 9 tails event actually).

Why is it that 3 years on, 254 released ninjas later, we can still only use 15 different ninjas at any given time and thats if you are a subscriber? (keeping/renewing medal is pretty much a subscription based service before some jump at my throat)

Surely with so many ninjas and Skill Trials/Breakthroughs some or even many players wouldn't mind having more line up options, maybe it's just me though so either way I'll just put it out there

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+1 dream on for free slots.. since if oasis knows how to think, we won't be here already XD

anyways if we don't throw in these posts, oasis gonna just get stuck and empty per usual.

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This update already happend in china over half a year ago, they got 2 or 3 extra slots forgot, so we are just waiting till they bring it to us, same with 110 level cap and higher group level. But you can't sell those so Oasis isn't in hurry like with Ninjas.

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