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Hello everyone,

I'm probably not the only one wondering this but what is the logic behind the ninja placement on the "collect" scroll ?

I mean on the land wave one i do see team 8 (Hinata, Kiba and Shino ) but their sensei (Kurenai) is not on the same column ,team 10 Asuma(wich is also placed on a different column ),Team 7 obviously (once again Kakashi not on the same column)

I know that they must be relevant to the Arc they are but there is also some blank spaces (which seems odds as they are random so i always think that some Ninjas will be added one day to collect in here ).

So What is the logic behind this if there is any .Why is Kakashi for instance not swapped with Guy to have all T7 on the same column? Why are the 3 sanins on the same line rather than a column ? Why so many blank space in some ? ..... So many thing make no sense .....

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They truthfully don't care about their accuracy to the lore, so they just put people anywhere as long as they're in the right category I think.

There's some sections where closely connected characters like Danzo and Fu/Torune are together but that's the closest thing we've got to that.

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So no reason to have hole and unrelated characters next to each other ?

Thinking deeper Into it the holes puzzles me more than the placement . Especially the fact that the very first scroll has one on the very first slot...

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Don't bother overthinking it. That system is going to be replaced anyways.

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