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[ Player Guide ] List of field buff ninjas


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Hey guys!

A small list for you guys again, this one is useful for buffing yourself and your teammates in events such as Bonds Arena, 3v3 Arena, Great Ninja War

Keep in mind that "vertical line" buffs go to other teams in that line also, and MOST of barriers buff your teammates

-Killer Bee [Seven Swords Style]




-Sai [Suit]

-Sasori [Edo-Tensei]

-Hashirama [First Hokage]

-Tobirama [Second Hokage]

-Hiruzen [Third Hokage]

-Minato [Fourth Hokage]

-Hiruzen [Edo-Tensei]

-Sasuke [Suit]

-Shikamaru [Chuunin]

-Shikamaru [Great Ninja War]

-Pain [Gakido]

-Pain [Ningendo]

-Pain [Chikushido]

-Pain [Jigokudo]

-Madara Uchiha [Great Ninja War]

-Naruto [Ronin]

-Konan [Young Adult]


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Again you are missing the basics

Lightning main Anbu Tactics and Fire Main Ninjutsu Urge

and where's my Itachi? Itachi [Kimono]'s vertical buff is a field one too.

also this is not a buff, but rather a passive: Kakashi [Susano'o]'s passive makes every Konoha units in the field have undodgable mystery.

Kakashi [Summer]'s exicte mode also affects 5 male units in the field, although this is both a buff and a de-buff.

Naruto [Harem no Jutsu]'s passive also buff 30% ninjutsu to all males in the field, and it stacks with Hashirama's buff.


oh, you are missing Pain [Shurado] in the Pains

that's all.... for now

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