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A Few Doubts


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#1: that ninja will be dreamt for 2 rounds even when that ninja has immunity. If that ninja has immunity, next round every debuff will be gone except Dream, if at the end of the round, the opponent's chakra is below 30.

#2 and #3: Chaos friendly fire only works on one unit damage standard like sasuke, naruto ramen, lightning main, wind main, ay3, ay4, etc...only exception is Hidan [Death Possession Blood] which will friendly fire one random friendly unit + 6 tagged friendly units. multiple units damaged standard like naruto 6 path, deidara, madara founder, sakura coak, etc... won't execute their standard when they are chaos.

By that science, Deidara Akatsuki Creation and Naruto 6path won't execute standards, thus both of your scenerios aren't possible.

#4 and #6: Refine, charms and assist links (the flags and pots). That's my opinion. Those things increase ini and power the most.

#5: again, my opinion: Kushina 4star (~25k for 180 frags, maybe less), Edo Minato 4star (~35k for 180 frags, maybe more or less), Edo Itachi (~16k for 80 frags, maybe more or less)

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