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A Few Doubts


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so guys i have been playing this games for a while now but i still have a few doubts . so i would be very grateful if u can just clarify doubts. thanks in advance


if i use kushina to suppress immunity for a ninja and use itachi edo tensei to sleep him then will he recover in round 2 ?

this doubt crossed my doubt bcuz itachi is unremovable if u have less than 60 chakra right?


lets say i use deidara akatsuki creation and the opponent has managed to ignite and chaos deidara . so in that round will deidara hit himself?


if i use sosp and get chaos after his immunity is suppressed . then when he attacks his own team is it possible to reduce cooldown?


what is the best way to increase initiative?


what are the top 3 ninjas that can be recruited for coupons as of now?(preferably less than 30k cps)


what are the top 3 ways to increase power?

please list the top three ways

please don't get irritated if some of these doubts seem silly and answer them please.

note:i am not sure if the thread belongs to general or strategy so i am posting on both

thanks in advance for your time.....

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